Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Metcon City

Metcon City

6 rounds
250m row
20 wall balls
10 GHD sit-ups


The only thing that made this even harder than it was was the music Jarrod had on. I never knew so many 4 letter words could be assembled in so many ways to offend so many different groups. I am considering recording as spoken word so that I can go platinum and retire.

Lap times:
1. 2:36
2. 3:23
3. 3:23
4. 3:28
5. 3:47

Pretty nice consistency through the middle rounds.  First round was way to fast but you always feel good in the first round.

1 comment:

christina said...

Please record it as spoken word. I'd pay at least $5 for that. I think a kickstarter is incoming?