Saturday, November 23, 2013

Craic Comp

Pretty tired when I got up this morning but I was looking forward to being back in the gym and for a internal Craic competition.    I haven't slept well over the past couple of weeks, maybe a better way to say it is I haven't slept enough.   I'm somehow on West Coast time making it hard to fall asleep.

Nonetheless it was time to get after it.  I like the internal throw downs as they have all the excitement and fun of a comp without the hassles.   I checked my heat times and knew I would have a little problem as the 2nd WOD was when I was suppose to be on a Conf call for work. I know it's a Saturday WTF?  Well the alternative was last night during Susie Birthday dinner.   I wasn't too worried I figured worst case I would miss the 2nd WOD and best case someone would switch. 

 1) Ground 2 Overhead
     - 8 mins
     - score = sum of 3 heaviest lifts

I knew this wouldn't be one I could do top 3 as we now have some big boys tossing some weight around like its phone.  In particular Big Russ who I think did well over 275.
     Open up at 215lbs and then did 225lbs 3 times.  Next up 235 boom.  Missed at 245lbs and then again at 235lbs.  My war, consisted of 1 rep at 185lbs and 1@215lbs.  Not a wise warm up or strategy. Didn't sweat it either way as I was intent on just getting the work in.
     Total = 685lbs - ???place 


Now the clock was ticking and I was looking at the heats and quickly determined that if I was not in one of the first two heats I would miss the WOD.  I didn't want to go to the coaches and ask them for help as they had enough on their plate.  I was also worried about asking someone to switch as I sure that's a bit unsettling.   Decided to ask Jay and he was like fine, no problem.

2) Thruster DU Ladder
     - 7m
     - 10 thrusters @65lbs
     - 20 DUs
     - weight increases by 10# each round

I have come to hate Thrusters since I now associate them with both Fran and the Opens.  I had no idea how I would feel in this and kept my strategy super simple.  Just keep moving and try not to blow up.  Man first round at 65 was easy peasey.  Actually every round was pretty easy on the Thruster as they weren't wicked heavy it was just important to try to move fast.  Thankfully my double unders were going well.  The only time I got in trouble was at the start of a set when I tried to go to fast I would mess up.  Once I settled into a even pace they were no problem.  We had about 45 seconds to go when I started my last round - got the thrusters even though I took a racked barbell rest.  Managed to get 1 double under in the last 3 seconds.

     5 Rnds +11 reps = 161 reps - ????

Ran home and had 10 minutes to try to catch my breadth.  The call was scheduled for 30 minutes and within the first 10 minutes I knew this call was going at least an hour.  This was going to put me dangerously close to missing the last even.   The clock was just ticking away as we reviewed the renewals forecast line by line.  Susie even texted me asking I was coming back.  Geez I hope so I said.  The last group was going and then finished.   Ran out the door and jumped onto the rower and had 15 seconds to get focused on rowing!

3+4) 2K Row
     - 2 scores
     - 1st 500m split
     -row total 2K

I have historically had a tendency to go out too fast but that wouldn't be a bad idea today.  My 2k time is nowhere as strong as Deroma's or Big Russ's.  Those guys are tall and strong so my plan was to go for the 500 and then try to not blow up too soon. 3,2,1 my adrenaline was already sky high so I set out at 1:24 pace which was nuts.  It didn't hurt until about 250meters in and even then it didn't drop off too badly.   
     1:32   2nd place
  Now I was hanging on for dear life.  Everyone was cheering and screaming and all I could think about was how
 loud the music was.   Jarrod and Dickson got a big laugh out of my rowing strategy of actually taking breaks every now and then.  I mean come on I'm tired this rowing is tough on the vertically challenged.  Managed to hang on and not embarrass myself.  

 7:24- ??? place 

I immediately went out in the parking lot and did a quick follow up call from the earlier Conf call.  When I saw everyone inside circling up for the winners I was surprised as usually processing the scorecards takes forever.  Was thrilled when Susie got called up to the podium for 2nd place.  All things consider that was pretty damn good.   I had no idea how I had done in any of the events other than the 500m row which I had an idea I had got second in,  just didn't know if it was overall or for my heat. I was psyched when they called my name for third place. I was literally seconds away from not even making the last event and was able to pull it off. 

Watch the video to enjoy my rest break.

Here are the podium finishers.  I'm in the land of giants.  Not a good place for a guy that is vertically challenged. 

Made it home in time for the 2nd half of the SLU vs Amherst game.   Game was video broadcast in low def which was a huge bummer after being spoiled by St Laurence's HD broadcasts in the prior games.   St Lawrence scored in the last 44 seconds to force overtime and banged one off the post and had one stopped with an amazing one handed save before succumbing in the 2nd OT!  They had a great run especially with only 1 senior.  Here is the reaction after the tying goal with 40 seconds left. 

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