Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 1 in Roma

Uneventful night flight from Boston to Roma on Alitalia.  Watched  Now You see Me and then Shutter Island and managed to get a few hours of sleep as well.  It even looked like we were going to break our streak of airport delays as they had a shuttle bus just for business class to take you to the terminal and there was no wait at customs.  From then on it ground to a halt, it seemed to take forever for our bags to show up and then we got stuck in construction and street closures because of the upcoming Senate vote on Berlusconi.

We arrived at the Albergo del Senato Hotel which was right across the street from the Pantheon.   We
were the last of the group to arrive as HC had flown on Friday, Martha, Sam and Emma on Saturday and then us.  I figured that we had the day to unwind. Nope the tickets I had bought for Roma were for Monday not Wednesday as I believed.   We had a nice lunch PANTHEON SEI and then we had time to go the local AS Roma store and pick up some hats and scarves as it was going to be a cold night and we wanted to look like true supporters.  We left super early anticipating traffic, and a lengthy process to get into the stadium.   When we arrived the stadium was fairly empty aside from both of the ends.  Good game with lots of action and scoring chances for both Roma and Cagliari.   We ended with dinner right next to the hotel @RISTORANTE L & C GESROMA.

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