Saturday, October 8, 2016

WZA 2016 Week 3, WOD 7

Dreamforce put a major crimp in my workout regime.  This weekend is not going to be much better with the Coastal Soccer tournament.    Susie and Jack were up early so I went over to the gym so I could get this wod in before I had to drive down to the cape.  Warming up on the rower I felt good for the first 100 meters.  Not well rested after the red eye.    I was still optimistic until I got into the thrusters and was way more gassed than I should have been. 

WZA 2016 - Indy Online Challenge - Week 3, WOD 7

1000m Row
30 Thrusters – 95lbs/65
12/8 Ring Muscle-ups 

Even though I was sucking wind I thought I would recover and fly thru the muscle ups.   Nope thats not how it happened.  I was half way thru in good time and then started failing msucle-ups - 3 for the record.  Then it became a panic to beat the 12 minute cut-off which I barely did.  On ward. 


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