Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ares test run

We were down in NY for the weekend to take HC to the Lion King.  Opted to rest on Saturday as I am still feeling worn out.  Probably a good idea as I had a sore throat by the end of the night on Saturday.   Sunday we had brunch and drove back up to Boston missing the snow storm that had passed thru in the early morning.  Felt the need to do my body movements in the gym and then test out Ares as it has me a but intimidated.  My plan was to do each of the two movements and move up
a weight each time.

5 Min AMRAP Of
12 Back Squat
9 Shoulder To Overhead
6 Hang Power Cleans
3 Power Snatch
6 OH Squats
9 Deadlifts
Divisional Load Prescriptions

 Round 1 I did 95/55 - Mortal. This felt pretty good but it certainly wasnt easy by any stretch.  It might have been because it was my warm up.  OHS were tough

Round 2 - 135/75 - Demigod. It was certainly but surprisingly I felt better.

Round 3 - 155/95 - Immortal. Got through the first set of movements but my grip was absolutely shot.  Took one shot at the Snatch and got the first one but there was no way I was getting 3 and then the OHS.  Will try again.

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