Monday, August 3, 2015

Working on Pull Strength and then fly to Big Island

Warmup 10 min AMRAP
400 MB Carry Run
15 Wall Balls
15 WB Sit-ups

A) 2 Rounds of Max Effort Deadhang Pullups

Rd1 - 14
Rd 2 -11

B) 6 Rounds NFT
(1-5) - Deadhang Pullups
10- Pushups
400 m Run Medball Carry
 The MB Carry runs were awful.  Have to admit in the last 3 rounds there was a bit of walking.

Pull: Level 1, Day 1
A) 2 x 2:00 Air Dyne (Arms Only) or UBE
Rest 1:30
B1) 2 x 12 each DB Bent Over Rows
B2) 2 x :60 Farmers Carry
Rest 1:30
C) Max Effort Hang from the bar or Hold w/ chin over the bar
(1 attempt)

50 Seconds

Got in last night.   The sun was setting just as we landed so missed taking some cool photos.   Here is what I did get though.

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