Monday, August 24, 2015

Toes 2 Bar

A) Toes 2 Bar Drills
*with Bands
B) 4 Rounds EFT:
30- DUs
15- Toes 2 Bar
15- Burpees
**** 15 Toes 2 Bar   Mistakenly added this to round 1 and left it in as I would feel guilty reducing
30- DUs
Rest 3:00

A1) 3 x 15 Hanging Knee Raises
A2) 3 x 10 DB Shoulder Raises (make a T)
A3) 3 x 10 each KB Side Bends

I  realized it when I got home I had forgotten to take a photo of my white board and even worse didnt clean it and put it away.   I went right back but Sarah had already cleaned it and put away.  She considered taking a photo and calling me out and I wish she would have as I ended without my times. Bummer!

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