Monday, September 7, 2015

USMNT Training Session

A super hot day in Dedham with temps in the 90's.   That didnt stop Tristan and I nor the USMNT from showing up to practice at Harvard's Ohiri Field.  We got a tip that the practice was at 4:30 and we arrived just as the team was getting off the bus.  It was so cool to see the team up close. Well as close as we could get without being part of the US National team in some capacity.    We set up on the far end of the field and had a stroke of good luck.  There was a port a potty there and several players came over to use it before they started so Tris got 3 autographs before they had even started. 

It was fun to see them train. After the training Tris got more autographs as well as a few selfie photos.

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