Sunday, September 27, 2015

Soccer Soccer Soccer

My gang and Martha all went to the Rev's game Saturday night.  Nice size crowd but the game was flat in the first half.   The 2nd half changed completely when Juan Agedelo subbed in for Charlie Davies.   Lots of shots, corner kicks and actions.  Union keeper Andre Blake was the star of the match after making a club-record 10 saves in only his fourth career MLS start. The former UConn shot-stopper was at his best during Saturday's latter stages including this one -

Blake save on Jermaine Jones

Here is a photo from USA Today:

Good Sunday of Soccer as well.   My Masters team won 1-0.  I would have liked to contribute a goal but wasted a pass 20 yards out and boomed it over the net.  The other chance was a left coming across the box.   Lots of pace but over the bar. 

Tristan's Coastal Fury team picked up a win in an exciting 3-2 match!  Miguel had two goals.

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