Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Soccer

I was starting to really enjoy Sunday morning soccer.  My soccer fitness had come around and my skills and most importantly timing has started to come back and at least get more consistent.   We havent won a game yet but I still am motivated to play a mistake free two way game.   I am far from that right now but know what I have to do to get closer.   I was a little surprised that I didnt get subbed out in the entire first hand considering we had a good number of subs. 

20 minutes into the second half a ball was played to me out of the back at waist level and I played it out of the air to my left side.  On the play I got a knock on the side of my shin and calf but didnt think much of it until about 5 minutes later when it really started to bother me when I ran.   Came off to try to work out what I thought was a charely horse in my calf.  Thats when I noticed a golf ball size welt on the side of my shin and calf was swollen to 2x normal.  I was done for the day and for the rest of the week it turns out. 

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